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Bigg Boss 15 (BB15) 5th October 2021 Today’s Episode Tasks Fights & Highlights


The quite controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 is catching the heat day by day as we have recently become the witness of such extreme verbal spat. Hence, everyone is keen to wait for the upcoming episode, so that many enthusiastic activities can surround them. Because no scripts exist in the house and this is the reason behind its popularity, but the entire attention has been grabbed by the task under which, Bigg Boss has confiscated the essential things of all housemates. Because they spent only 2 days and Bigg Boss explode the task, which made them shaken as well.

Bigg Boss 15 (BB15) 5th October 2021 Today's Episode Tasks Fights Highlights

The 5th October 2021 episode will commence where Pratik Sehajpal becomes the dictator of the house while closing the way of entrance, of the housemates, and as soon as Jay Bhanushali sees his anger goes at its peak. Hence, he goes to ask him what happened why he is doing such exploits, but he replies badly because of this, he gets into a physical angle with Jay Bhanushali. He grabbed his collar which is inappropriate enough according to the Bigg Boss rules, meanwhile, he gets abused by Jay and after hearing this, Pratik expresses his rage by hitting the glass.

Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Episode

The entire housemates come to make them separate so that, the mayhem angle can not take place between the two, but due to some inappropriate activity. Bigg Boss had to call them in the confession room, because if he blocks the entrance of the “Jungle Wasi” so they could not use anything inside the house, which will create an obstacle for them. Hence, Jay Bhanushali asks him to not do such things which will be proven worst for them. But he does not consider him and locks the way, the rest of the housemates are protested against it but he does not hear them.

In the previous episode, the viewers have watched such extreme verbal spat between Afsana Khan and Vidhi Pandya, where Afsana warns her to mind her business. Even Pratik accused Jay Bhanushali to keep his used cup on the coach which is inappropriate enough and does not look good. But when Jay came to know about his accusation he got into an ugly argument with him because he addressed him unmanaged man, which he did not like at all, so something similar is going to happen in the coming episodes. So do not miss streaming it on Colors at 10:30 PM and for more details stay connected with us.


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