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Bigg Boss 16 Farah Khan Condemns Tina Watch Today’s Episode 27th Jan 2022


Hello, all the Bigg Boss 16 enthusiasts, finally Friday is here along with the “Shukarvaar Ka Vaar” episode, 27th of January 2023 which you all were impatiently waiting for. Yes, you heard right, the hight anticipated episode is here along with Farah Khan who is going to take place in the house instead of Salman Khan. Even, Anil Kapoor is also set to make you feel overwhelmed as he is coming to promote his upcoming project, so you can suppose how would the episode be amazing. Farah Khan is also ready to take Tina into her class due to her behavior with Shalin.

Bigg Boss 16

The recent episode commences, where Farah Khan claims that Tina Dutta knows very well how to take advantage of a guy and after using them just throws them out of her life. Even Farah Khan takes the side of Shalin that he should have reverted back to Tina and Priyanka when they were continuously poking him in spite of knowing that he was going through a nightmare. Tina does not agree with her and therefore, she denies accepting the allegations even though Priyanka expresses her points too while mentioning that maybe their stuff was portrayed wrong because Shalin did plenty of things too.

Anil Kapoor Comes To Grace The Show?

Meanwhile, Farah asks Tina to keep quiet unless she finishes otherwise she will have to walk out because her attitude is the biggest problem that people leave her. Tina replies that who started it was Shalin who was continuously doing such things to irritate her and thus, she just reverted back or nothing else. Tina nods in positively too as she is considered herself correct while she is wrong if Shalin is also wrong, as no one was right at that time and this is the reason, Farah walks off the stage while asking her to continue.

After a while, Anil Kapoor enters the BB house with great enthusiasm and fills the contestants with great energy as he is coming to promote his upcoming movie which is going to release soon in cinemas. Anil Kapoor also funs with Archna while playing the role of his movie because she expresses her wish to share the screen with him and the way they portray the characters seems over the top therefore, everyone appreciates the two as well. So do not miss watching the show on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us.


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