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Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode Elimination 7th Jan 2023 Check Voting Result & Trends


Hello, all the entertainment enthusiasts, finally we are back with exclusive updates of your favorite and highly anticipated TV reality show “Bigg Boss 16” as Saturday, 7th January 2022 episode is bringing high voltage drama along with such activities which will make you feel overwhelmed for sure, as the makers are inviting the family members of the contestants who are remaining inside the BB house and their families will unveil the facts they had observed outside while watching the show, and now will aware their children of all such exploits they made in the previous week.

Bigg Boss 16 7th jan

The episode begins, where Salman Khan welcomes the family panel where MC Stan’s mother, Tina’s mother, Archna’s brother, Shalin’s mother, and others. But the twist arrives when the argument takes place between all of them before entering the BB house over the stuff contestants made, and conflict begins with Tina’s mother Madhumita, where she claims that Shalin usually talks behind Tina and always tries to let her feel down while Tina is quite opposite. But Salman interrupts her and says that Tina is as same as Shalin because she also talks behind him, as she is playing a real game with him and everyone can watch that.

Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Elimination

Meanwhile, Salman Khan asks MC Stan’s mother, who is the mastermind inside the Bigg Boss house and who is running the strategy well at his fingertips while using the stuff against the contestants. She takes Sajid’s name by saying that he is playing the well game but has the tag of mastermind too because if she analyzes his journey so he is doing well game while using the contestants at his best because he knows everything, what to do and what not to do due to his experience in the industry. Everyone agrees with her but somewhere the statement is a bit shocking and unexpected.

Later, Salman Khan enters the house through a screen and condemns MC Stan and Archna both due to their behavior in the recent week, where he warms Stan to not drag anybody’s father in the game because they are not here to play so thus, no one has a right to drag their name during the fight. Same, he warns Archna too while addressing her as one of the free contestants who came back by him otherwise she could not get the chance to come inside the BB house again. So watch it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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