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Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode Update (BB16) 9th Feb 2023: Journey Shown Task Begins


Hello, all the entertainment enthusiasts, finally we are back with an exclusive update of your favorite and highly controversial TV reality show “Bigg Boss 16”, as the Thursday, 9th February 2023 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with some over-the-top activities which will make you feel overwhelmed. Because Bigg Boss is going to announce the journey task, where all contestants will come into the garden area one by one and will see their journey on display which Bigg Boss managed with the firecrackers, even plenty of their fans will be available there to cheer them up.

Bigg Boss 16 Today's Episode Update (BB16) 9th Feb 2023 Journey Shown Task Begins

The recent episode begins, where Bigg Boss greets all 5 remaining contestants while announcing the journey shown task, as the management has set the prompt in the garden area. So Bigg Boss asks Priyanka to come and see her ups and downs along with the entire journey on the display as how she tackled the situation where she was quite strong. So Priyanka comes and gets shocked to see such an arrangement and thus, and she says that she will never forget the moment as it is one of the most precious periods of her life, where she got immense love.

Bigg Boss 16 Today’s Episode Update:

At the time of showing Priyanka’s journey, Bigg Boss says that she is the only contestant who is quite strong and usually stand on her feet, and her boss lady quality makes her different than other contestants therefore, Bigg Boss also respects her because way she played with the dignity was amazing and she is maintaining the consistency as well, which is a matter of great pride because Bigg Boss likes such contestants who never get afraid of anyone else and put themselves first in the list of their priority, and thus she also breaks down in tears of joy as Bigg Boss made her day auspicious.

Later, one by one Bigg Boss asks the contestants to come on the prompt to see their journey, as after Priyanka Shalin comes and feels overwhelmed to see his journey as he had not expect to reach at this spot in the show, and therefore, he thanks Bigg Boss for everything as he bear his behavior. Something similar says by Archna as she also feels amazing to see her journey and ups downs. Even, the same thing happenes with Shiv and MC Stan as well. So watch it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.


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