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Bigg Boss (BB) 16 Nimrit Expresses Her Rage Watch 30th Jan 2023 Episode


Hello, all the Bigg Boss 16 enthusiasts, finally the last week of TTF “Ticket To Finale” is here and one of the remaining contestants will get the chance to enter directly in the finale, but for that, they will have to face a task which is going to take place through the Monday, 30th of January 2023 episode, where you are going to become a witness of great drama and activities. Because now Bigg Boss is playing a game in which maybe 2 will directly get eliminated from the show and we will get the top 5 contestants who will go ahead in the race of the finale to get the trophy.

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The episode begins, where Bigg Boss announces the nominations and last week to get TTF “Ticket To Finale” task, and thus, the entire setup also takes place in the garden area. All contestants have to take a name of a contestant who does not deserve to be part of the finale. Initially, Nimrit comes and says that she does not want Priyanka to be part of the finale because she wants her friend to go ahead, something similar does by Sumbul as she nominates Shalin by saying that he started to nominate her so now, she is ending all these while nominating him.

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But the twist arrives when Priyanka’s turn comes, as all three contestants belong to mandli, and one will have to get nominated among the three thus, the entire game comes in the hand of Priyanka and now she can overturn the game. Because she is not going and wants Stan goes to nominate someone of them as he will have to do otherwise the task would get canceled and TTF will go from their hands. In short, Priyanka trapped all friends of Mandli through her ace of space.

Later, things get messed up when Nimrit comes into a rage and starts fighting with Archna over certain things where, she accuses Archna of the stuff while abusing and after hearing all this, Archna comes into her own avatar and takes her into the class while unleashing her words that pinches Nimrit hard as she goes out of their controls. Shalin tries to calm her down but she overreacts which seems weird enough because shouting, and abusing is not look good on the national screen. So do not miss watching the show on Colors TV at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.


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