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Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Double Elimination Episode 11th July 2021: Priyanka Thimmesh Gets Evicted?


The quite controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 is around the corner of the grand finale and hence, many stuff has taken the place on social media. Because everyone would like to wat h their favorite contestant as a winner, but everything depends on the voting poll. So all viewers are going to become a witness of such unexpected twists through the coming episode. Because as per the sources, there is a massive chance for the unexpected eviction, so get to know more check the details given below.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Double Elimination Episode 11th July 2021: Priyanka Thimmesh Gets Evicted?

The upcoming episode of it will start with Kiccha Sudeep’s interrogation where he asks all housemates about the best cook of the house, between girls and boys. Where all housemates will put their perception in front of Kiccha Sudeep regarding the cooking. In short, some hilarious arguments will take a place among them because they will express the flaws of other contestants. Divya Uruduga, Chakravarthy, Shubha Pooja, and the rest of the housemates will try to prove their perspective correct. Overall the episode is going to be overwhelming and never make you feel bored.

After many enthusiastic and unexpected twists and turns, the show has reached the second eviction of the second inning. So this time, Prashanth Sambargi, Priyanka Thimmesh, Chakravarthy, Shamanth Gowda, Manju Pavagada, Vaishnavi, and Raghu Gowda have come into the danger zone. Therefore homeless from the home on the neck of any one of them that the sword is hanging, no contestant wants to be evicted from home even after having covered their journey. The many speculations have created a buzz among the supporters of the show because this eviction could make us astonished.


  • Vaishnavi:- 61,879 votes
  • Aravind KP:- 88,908 votes
  • Manju:- 55,898 votes
  • Raghu- 44,575 votes
  • Shamanth:- 50,878 votes
  • Priyanka:- 29,323 votes
  • Prashanth:- 34,565 votes
  • Chakravarthy:- 32,123 votes
  • Divya S:- 37,656 votes

* As per the exclusive reports or the sources, KP Aravind is leading the Voting poll but these results could be overturned at any moment due to voting.

As everyone knows that the captaincy always brings some privileges for the captain through which, the captain can change the game at any minute. This is what happened inside the house when Divya Uruduga saved Shubha Pooja from eviction by exercising her privilege. Meanwhile, she gave a reason behind it by saying that Shubha Pooja has supported her from the beginning. Therefore she wants to make her save from the evictions, now who will get evicted this time. Stay connected with us to know and do not miss to stream it on Colors TV Kannada at 09:00 PM.


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