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Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Elimination 25th July 2021 Episode BBK8 Voting: Chakravarthy Gets Evicted Today?


Hey entertainment lovers, we are back with the latest updates of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8’s upcoming episode. That will make you amazed for sure because host Kiccha Sudeep is ready to announce the name of eliminated contestants. Because the grand finale is around the corner and top 5 contestants will go ahead in the show. So many buzzes and speculations are creating havoc on social media among the netizens because at this stage of the show, all contestants have chances to say bye-bye to the house. Get to know more check the further details given below with voting results.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Elimination 25th July 2021 Episode BBK8 Voting: Chakravarthy Gets Evicted Today?

The episode of 25th July 2021 will begin where the host Kiccha Sudeep will interrogate the housemates, related to their mistakes and blunders which they have made last week. Because many blunders had created havoc between them through which, the entire week passed in heat circumstances and as consequences, the votings have affected somewhere. So all six contestants have come in the danger zone but as per the speculation, there are massive chances are popping out of Chakravarthy Chakdrachud’s eliminations.  So to know how much of this information is correct and how much is wrong, see the information given below along with the voting poll.

The exclusive promo of the episode does not reveal yet maybe some technical issues are the reason for it. But as soon as possible the makers will liberate it because uncounted fans are impatiently waiting for the promo. Because everyone would like to get some glimpse of the recent eviction, so that, they can make their curiosity reduce somewhere. Because this elimination will make everyone shock, so, therefore, the fans are keeping their eyes on each activity of the contestants, Because they don’t want to be ignorant of any information.


  • Aravind:- 16112 votes
  • Vaishnavi:- 3889 votes
  • Chakravarthy:- 18132 votes
  • Shamanth:- 16214 votes
  • Manju:- 24112 votes
  • Divya Uruduga:- 13323 votes

We have shared these voting results as per the trends but still, massive chances are popping out through which, the changes can arrive at any moment. In short, voting can not be constant because the audience can overturn everything, so there is no reason for speculations. Because the audience can take the contestant from the sky to the surface at any moment, this is the reason that many buzzes have taken place on social media where the fans are supporting their favourite contestant. But the eliminations will definitely take the place, so let see who will get eliminated this time. So do not forget to watch it at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.


  1. Manju is most deserving contestant
    For trophy
    Total unbiased winner
    Manju win will upgrade BB forever
    This will prove their fair side


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