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Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Grand Finale Voting Result BBK 8 Winner 1st & 2nd Runner Ups


The quite overwhelming and sensational TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has been completed approximately 100 episodes equally amazing. So now only a couple of days are pending in the grand finale because the makers have decided the Date and therefore the curiosity. So now the many twists and turns are coming ahead of the housemates because a mid-eviction announcement has made them shocked because after reaching this spot it will be worst feeling for the evicted housemates. So what is going to happen in the upcoming episode check the details given below along with the latest voting results.

bigg boss kannada 8

The upcoming episode will begin where Bigg Boss organizes a romantic candlelight date for KP Aravind and Divya Uruduga, because they are spending their last days inside the house and they want to make their memories special enough. So hence Bigg Boss manages everything in the too finest way in the garden area, with full-on lighting and all. Their date seems amazing and you will not able to shift your eyes from them while watching. Because it’s the first time in the season that Bigg Boss gave someone this kind of precious surprise and it means a lot for them.

Still, the viewers are unfamiliar with the exclusive promo because they did not share any promo so far, maybe something might be going on there. Otherwise every day they liberate the promo. Because makers know very well that the audience love to watch the show a lot, even does not like to ignore any details of the episode or the show. But as they did not share the promo yet, it created havoc among them because everyone is keen to know to get some glimpse of the upcoming episode. So that, they can make their curiosity reduce somewhere.


  • Manju – 31.77% (39841 votes)
  • Aravind – 27.92% (19953 votes)
  • Vaishnavi – 25.08% (9094 votes)
  • Prashant – 18.38% (9290 votes)
  • Divya U – 3.95% (15210 votes)

These voting results have arrived as per the latest sources but are not constant yet because voting lines will be opened until the day of the Grand Finale. Therefore the viewers are voting for their favorite contestants, so that, they can see them ahead. Because the Grand Finale countdown has begun and only 3 days are left, and we will get our winner of season 8, whose everyone is waiting for. From the beginning, the show is providing us best entertainment level, and now it is going to end in 3 days. So do not miss streaming it on Colors TV Kannada at 09:30 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.



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