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Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Today’s Episode 16th July 2021: BBK8 Captaincy Task Decides Evictions


The quite emphatic and contentious TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has done approximately 85 episodes, which indicates that the Grand Finale is around the corner. So many enthusiastic turns are coming in the show under which all contestants have to secure their journey ahead. Because there are only a few days of ending the show. Therefore the makers are doing all those things which help them to enhance more entertainment level in the show. So get to know what will happen in the upcoming episode check the details given below along with voting trends.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Today's Episode 16th July 2021: BBK8 Captaincy Task Decides Evictions

The upcoming episode starts with the captaincy task where the contestants have to come together in the garden area and play the task. The task matters a lot for the contestants because only it can help them to secure their journey ahead due to this time eviction sword is hanging on the entire contestants and no one wants to leave the house after reaching this point, therefore the game becomes too exciting. Because now the many clashes will ready to take place between the contestants who are playing it because everyone would like to win it.

Under the task, the team has to put few wooden circles on their forehead and make sure to fall down them, because their single mistake will create an obstacle in their way so they will have to take any step in the too sagacious way. Because the task directly affects the captaincy, because at this stage only the captaincy can save them from the evictions. So you are going to witness such an amazing task because it will decide their journey ahead in the show. So now it will be interesting to watch that who will make the task on their name as the winner.


  • Aravind:- 31399 votes
  • Divya U:- 24540 votes
  • Prashanth:- 13323 votes
  • Chakravarthy:- 13434 votes
  • Shamanth:- 19878 votes
  • Divya S:- 15199 votes

These voting trends have arrived as per the recent sources and they can be changed at any moment because everything is under the hands of the audience, who are following the show closely. The fresh promo has been released by the makers officially in which, you can watch the glimpse of activities for an idea because everyone curios to know that who will become the new captain of the house this time. Because this captaincy is a golden opportunity for them, so do not miss to stream it and for further details connect with us.


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