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Bigg Boss Kannada BBK 8: Divya U Gets Injured Today’s Latest Episode 13th July 2021 Voting Nomination


The quite sensational TV reality show of Colors Kannada TV called Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 is gradually completing the season and the grand finale is also around the corner. Hence the viewers are becoming witnesses of such incredible and enthusiastic tasks because every week brings a task related to the captaincy. So at this stage of the show, the captaincy becomes the most essential thing for the contestants. because on;ly it can help them to save themself from the evictions, therefore no one would like to leave it at any cost, so check the details below regarding recent episode.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

The upcoming episode will begin with the task called “Heegu Ante” which is being organized in the garden area so that, they can play it easily. Under the task, all contestants have divided into two teams first, Manju’s and second KP Aravind’s. Both teams are set to prove themself to better than the opposition because if they win so they will become contenders for the next captaincy. Therefore it matters a lot for them which they can not let go from their hands at any cost, So just gearing up yourself to catch it.

During the task, contestant Divya Uruduga will get injured and several injuries will create some obstacles for her, as a result, she will have to quit the game. In the recent task, the makers have added many rounds such as Basketball, true & false, and sticking starts. She will get injured in the Sticking starts the task. There is no need to mention but when she gets injured all housemates get into tension because by mistake she hits with a crystal wall through which her blood came out. Later Bigg Boss called her in the confession room and provide her appropriate treatment.

The exclusive promo has been released officially in which you can watch the glimpse, that Bigg Boss presses the buzzer from time to time and they start playing that task. While playing that Basketball task many clashes will take place between the contestants. because Body touch does not mean a physically hurt, but both teams won’t able to understand it while playing. Therefore some verbal arguments happen between them because when someone snatches the ball from the hands of another contestant so it requires a bit of force, but it’s not appropriate if they give it a physical angle. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for further details connect with us.



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