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Bigg Boss Kannada BBK 8: Mid-Week Eviction Begins? 3rd August 2021 Episode Voting Numbers Trends Result


Hey entertainment lovers, exclusive updates have arrived of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8, through which, you will get amazed for sure because a new task is going to take place. As everyone knows that the finale week is going on and 6 contestants are going ahead in the show but as per the reports, a shocking mid-week eviction is ready to take place and make you surprised. Because of this, only 5 contestants will continue their journey, In short, the top 5 contestants will be selected in the coming episodes. Get to know more check the details given below along with voting details.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

The coming episode will start where Bigg Boss assigns the task to contestants under which they have to throw another contestant out from the ring, through the help of a soft cushion type of weapon. In comprehensively the task will be amazing and the viewer will get to watch something exciting after a while, because from long a task with fully loaded enthusiastic energy is coming towards the audience. So uncounted fans are desperately waiting for the telecast but still, some hours are pending. Since then, you are able to get the essential information here.

During the task first, Divya Suresh will be out from the game by another male contestant’s pushing. Because any step can make them disqualified because balance is quite integral in the task, therefore she will get out from the game. All contestants have the right to show their power by pulling opposite contestants because now the show has reached a spot, where no one can take any chance. So to make their path clear towards the grand finale they will have to win the task, by pushing another contestant out from the ring without any flaw.


  • Aravind KP- 18747 votes
  • Divya Uruduga- 14742 votes
  • Manju- 34133 votes
  • Shamanth- 27386 votes
  • Vaishnavi- 5962 votes

We have mentioned the exclusive voting trends that will provide you an assumption to know about the contestant who is leading the voting polls, but these results are not constant and changing time to time. All six contestants will hit the brick with their strength because it would be the last task in the season because Grand Finale is ready to take place on 8th August. So they do not have enough time to prove themselves, so they will have to try hard. So do not miss to watch it on Colors TV Kannada 09:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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