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Bigg Boss Kannada BBK 8: Voting Results Elimination 24th July 2021 Prashanth Sambargi Breaks Down In Tears


The quite sensational TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has entered the fourth week of the second inning, and as we know that Saturday and Sunday are the days of the weekend ka vaar episode. Where the host Kiccha Sudeep makes the housemates familiar with their blunders, which they have made in the prior days. So that, they can improve their mistakes and try to not attempt again because it directly affects the show’s reputation and their popularity too. So what all is going to happen in the upcoming episode check the details given below along with eliminations updates.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

The upcoming episode will begin with lashes out of Prashanth Sambargi while unleashing every circumstance which they have gone because as per his perception the captaincy contender ship task took a face of arguments, verbal spat, and physical angle. Because everyone wanted to get a chance to enter in Captaincy race but the way of playing was not appropriate enough. He will express his disappointment and somewhere some housemates agree with him as well. Because the assumption is the only thing that can match with another contestant.

Because when the bean bag became physical, they did not even know themselves but it was inappropriate because it is not allowed to put hands which can cause injury to anyone. But as per the rule they were to make sure that the bean bag should be empty of the contestant whom they want to send out from the game. Hence, many inappropriate actions took place, and it would have been done aesthetically awesome if they want. But as per the audience’s, perception they were to save themselves, and any task takes a face a bit of aggression because everyone needs to win the task to make their journey safe ahead.


  • Aravind – 14619 ( 12.83 % )
  • Divya Uruduga – 12558 ( 11.02 % )
  • Manju – 22564 ( 19.8 % )
  • Shamanth – 15269 ( 13.4 % )
  • Chakravarthy – 17471 ( 15.34 % )
  • Vaishnavi – 3659 ( 3.21 % )

Theses Voting trends came as per the sources, and still, changes are coming because the audience has the right to make any change. The makers have been released the new promo of the episode officially, in which you can stream a glance of such activities which will take place in the show through the coming episode. So just prepare yourself to catch such amazing twists and turns that will make you astonished for sure. So do not miss to stream it on Colors TV Kannada at 09:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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