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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Latest Episode 30-6-2021: Nidhi Subbaiah’s Fight BBK8 Voting Details


The most meritorious and controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has started its second innings, under which, many twists are coming which are totally unexpected. Because the equations are changing among the contestants, in short, their bonds are affecting somewhere due to the game. As per the netizens, this inning is totally different from the first inning because as we have seen relationships, precious bonds, friendships among the contestants, now they are changing completely. But these twists are also an integral part of the show, so get to know more check the details below.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Latest Episode 30-6-2021: BBK8 Voting Details Tasks & Nidhi Subbaiah's Fight

The upcoming episode starts with the conversation between the two contestants in the sleeping area about Shamanth & Priyanka. Because now the game has reached a very interesting turn, and no one is ready to take any chance towards their game. In short, they are taking steps sagaciously so that, their game will go ahead safe because they all got to know that who is their enemy or friend in the game. So this is the reason that alliances are becoming change between them and much verbal spat also taking the place inside the house.

As we have watched an ugly argument on the 7th day of the second inning between Nidhi Subbaiah and KP Aravind. Even Chandrachud has taunted Priyanka Thimmesh which created havoc inside the house, because she retaliated with him through her words. Numerous people want to know the reason behind the argument, so under the task, a few roles have fallen from the hands of Aravind and Nidhi, or the rest of the housemates took the advantage of that. But Aravind did not like it and he passes a few remarks which  Nidhi did not like and she complained to Captain Manju.


  • Chakravarthy- 623 votes
  • Prashanth- 9557 votes
  • Manju- 28518 votes
  • Raghu- 1881 votes
  • Priyanka- 1866 votes
  • Divya S- 12896 votes
  • Nidhi- 25899 votes

This voting list has arrived as per the recent sources and it can change at any moment because everything is under the hands of the audience. In the second inning, the viewers are getting more fam than a first-inning because every day we are getting new clashes, arguments between the contestants. Which set the havoc inside the house and it’s a most attractive part of the show because they know that their all statements will create controversies for sure. Even many alliances have been changed due to trust issues, so watch it on Colors TV Kannada at 9:30 pm and follow for more details.


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