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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Today’s Episode BBK8 1st July 2021: Divya Uruduga Breaks Silence


Then most enthusiastic and agonistic TV reality show of Colors Kannada TV called Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 has started its second innings. Under which many effusive twists and turns are taking place inside the house, which set the havoc circumstances among the contestants. The show has completed approximately 80 days and now it’s gradually going forward to the decisive phase. So get to know more regarding the coming episode check the details below along with the exclusive voting trends which will help you to get the idea of the recent activities.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Today's Episode BBK8 1st July 2021: Divya Uruduga Breaks Silence

In the upcoming episode of it, you will watch that the task continues by the contestants under which they have to balance balls on the wheel. During the task, many arguments will be taken the place because all teams have such amazing players and their team members can not see their flaws. So Sky blue teams members won the round of the task, but the opposite team gets disappointed somewhere. Hence Divya Uruduga converses with her team about that when they are sitting in the sleeping area. The show is becoming the subject of discussion day by day due to their statements.

The exclusive promo has been conferred officially by the makers in which you can get a glimpse of the arguments, and the task. Because promo is enough for the sagacious, and numerous people have watched it, and therefore the netizens and viewers speculate that DIvua Uruduga’s point of view is correct somewhere. Because she is observing the task as same as the audience and the flaws everyone can watch, but a few contestants will have disagreed with her because everyone has their different perception towards the game, and due to their different strategy their perspectives can change.


  • Nidhi – 26039 Votes ( 16.54 % )
  • Priyanka – 1951 Votes ( 1.41 % )
  • Chakravarthy – 925 Votes ( 0.81 % )
  • Prashanth – 10098 Votes ( 6.42 % )
  • Raghu – 1894 Votes ( 1.21 % )
  • Manju – 29475 Votes ( 18.73 % )
  • Divya S – 13026 Votes ( 8.28 % )

These voting trends have come as per the sources or the latest reports, and still, the votings numbers are increasing which can overturn the game at any moment. Because voting is the most integral part of the show, which helps them to go ahead in the game and manage their journey securely. In short, everything depends on voting trends but it’s not consistent due to the voters, who closely follow the show and always vote for their favourite contestant because the grand finale is near and everyone loves to watch their favourite contestant as a winner of the show. So do not forget to watch it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.


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