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Bigg Boss Kannada Season (BBK) 8 25th June 2021 Episode: Shamanth Shares His Horrible Experience


The most contentious TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada season 8 has released its second inning after lockdown, and gradually coming in the same position as it used to. So the second inning has brought many enthusiastic twists and turns along with many verbal spat and fights. Because sometimes contestants pass a remark through which controversy takes place and havoc circumstances create inside the house, due to their any action and reactions. So what all is going to happen in the upcoming to check the details below.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season (BBK) 8

In the upcoming episode of it, you will watch many hilarious angles when all contestants will sit in the sitting area. Because after a long time, again the contestants get the chance to continue their game through which they can make the show on their name. Because they do not have enough time, for the Grand Finale, hence they have tightened their back to face all challenges and tasks. Somewhere their reactions are also changed because they got to know that who is their friend or enemy.

BBK 8 Latest Episode 25-6-2021

The exclusive promo has been liberated by the makers officially in which you can watch a glimpse of the recent activity of the contestants. Through which you can easily get to know their changing gestures because all contestants have alert towards their game and do not want to take even a single chance to lose it. Therefore they are taking any step after thinking twice because the rest of the contestants are still, part of the show and do not want to go out.

As per the sources or latest report, Shamanth Gowda shared his experience with other housemates that he has become a witness of black shadow, which he saw in the captain’s room. His gestures were indicating his fear, you can watch his conversation through the recent episode where he converses with Priyanka and Chakraworthy. He informed Priyanka that he saw a black shadow in the captain’s room which seemed inappropriate while, he was sitting in the bedroom area with other contestants.

However, Priyanka made him understand that it was a myth so just forget it, but despite this, she got scared somewhere. They have seen to converse on supernatural activities inside the Bigg Boss house, and hence Priyan advises him to not tell anyone about this incident. Later he tells everything to Chakraworthy but Priyanka tried her best to make them believe that it could be a shadow of another contestant, but he does not agree with her. So watch it on Colors TV Kannada at 09:30 Pm and for further details connect with us.


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