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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 (BB5) 21st September 2021 Today’s Episode: Shailaja Priya Breaks Down In Tears


The quite controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is becoming the subject of discussion among the fans, who daily stream it because many clashes are taking place inside among the contestants. Because their perspective is totally different than others, which becomes the major cause of their verbal spat. Day by day the viewers are becoming the witness of extraordinary twists and turns, which is entertaining enough and the reason behind its binge-watching. So what is going to happen in the upcoming episode check the details below, along with nominations updates and voting list.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 (BB5) 21st September 2021 Today's Episode: Shailaja Priya Breaks Down In Tears

The upcoming episode starts with where Ravi converses with Lahari Sahri regarding Shailaja Priya while sitting in the garden area, because nowadays some misunderstandings are going on between the two. Lahari makes them understand that it is a house where numerous problems will come ahead, but they will have to sort them together by conversing. But Ravi leaves the place and comes in the dining area and unleashes that he did not raise the topic about which Shailaja is talking. At the same time, she breaks down in tears by saying that she did not even expect it from him.

As the viewers have watched that the nomination task has taken the place inside on Monday and it will be continued by the contestants on Tuesday as well. But yesterday unexpected twists surrounded the viewers, where Sreeram Chandra initiated the nominations by nominating Maanas and Ravi, at the same time Siri took the names of Swetha and Lahari for the nominations. Sunny nominated Priya and Kajal, but Ravi nominated Sreeram and Jaswant. Lahari also nominated Sreeram Chandra and Priya. Maanas also did the same by nominating Sreeram Chandra and Ravi. In short, many housemates took the name of Sreeram for the coming nominations.


  • Lobo- 13856 votes
  • Priyanka Singh – 11752 votes
  • Priya – 8982 votes
  • RJ Kajal – 6982 votes
  • Anne Master – 5677 votes
  • Nataraj – 4325 votes.

Here we have conferred the exclusive voting polls result but still, the changes are reported, so these voting result is for an idea to make you familiar with the contestant who is leading the voting polls. As the nominations have done on Monday but the makers decided to continue it on Tuesday too, so you can amuse how would the episode be amazing. Because many clashes are going to take place inside the house among the contestants. So do not miss streaming it at the correct time and for more details stay connected with us.


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