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Bigg Boss Telugu BBT 5 Nomination 13th Sep 2021 Episode: Swetha Lashes Out At Lobo


The quite sensational and controversial show Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is becoming a hot topic among the people day by day, because a lot of twists and turns are started taking place inside the house. Recently we have watched a shocking eviction and spontaneously Bigg Boss announces the nomination of the next weekend ka vaar which is quite shocking. Because only two weeks have passed, and the show is making the audience crazy so who will get nominated this time. Get to know more check the comprehensive details given below along with the exclusive voting trends.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5

The 13th of September’s episode is bringing a high voltage drama along with the anticipated nominations process, initially Bigg Boss announces that all contestants have been divided into two teams first is violet, and the second is yellow. Further, unleashes that they will need to wear a T-shirt as per their team and come in the garden area, where all contestants have to color a face of the contestant whose they want to nominate for the coming evictions. Many Arguments will take place among the contestants which will be converted in verbal spat autometically because they have to give a valid reason before nominating or coloring someone’s face.

Then all housemates came into the garden area and starts the nomination process, and the heat will arrive when Lobo starts nominating contestants. Because he will share such reason that does not like Swetha Verma and she slams him during the task. Her temperature increases when another female contestant interrupts her during her statement. But Swetha gets a bit aggressive while coloring Lobo’s face because she is not satisfied with his reason and addresses him fake too. The rest of the housemates tries to make her cool down because the nominations process is going on.


  • Ravi – 11956 votes
  • Jaswanth – 8420 votes
  • Maanas – 7310 votes
  • Kaajal – 5903 votes
  • Hamida – 3634 votes

These voting numerics are coming as per the latest voting trends and still, changes are reporting, it arrived only to give the viewers idea about the contestant, who is leading the voting poll. As the show is going ahead many issues are raising among the contestants that are creating havoc among them, and some issues only creating due to lack of opinion understanding because everyone has their different perspective towards the game. This is one of the crucial reasons behind their arguments and fight, so do not miss watching it at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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