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Bigg Boss Telugu BBT 5 Voting Results 17th September 2021 Episode: Luxury Budget Task Begins


The quite sensational and controversial reality show Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is showing high voltage drama to the viewers, because day by day the show is becoming the topic of discussion among the fans. Just in a small-time duration, it got the hype because all fantabulous contestants are part of the show. Plenty of fights, verbal spats, and ugly arguments are taking place inside the house among the contestants because every statement can create havoc inside, so something similar is going to happen in the upcoming episode, get to know more check the details below along with voting details.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5

The recent episode begins where you will watch, that the Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task along with rules, and everyone knows the value of a luxury budget. So the entire housemates divide into two teams, and makers set the prop in the garden area. All contestants have to catch such balls through the prop and which team will get more they will consider as a winner and will grab the luxury budget. But when the task takes place many contestants do not get success to catch the balls, which will affect their strategy for sure.

The exclusive promo has been liberated by the makers officially in which you can stream their hard work towards the task. But as everyone knows that Bigg Boss house is the only place where havoc can take place at any moment. So something similar will happen through the coming episode, when the Bigg Boss calls housemates in the sitting area and asks them to tell him their flaws during the task. So one by one contestant will come and take the name of contestants who did not do their best in the luxury budget task. In short many argument is going to take place among them that will set the hot atmosphere there.


  • Lobo- 13642 votes
  • Priyanka Singh – 10890 votes
  • Priya – 9130 votes
  • RJ Kajal – 7050 votes
  • Anee Master – 5267 votes
  • Umadevi – 4913 votes
  • Nataraj – 4068 votes

These voting trends appeared as per the exclusive trends and still, their fans are placing their votes to save their favorite housemates. Therefore numerics of voting is getting increased at any minute, so any contestant can lead the voting trends. So now as the luxury budget task has taken place among the housemates so which team will take over it from the hands of the opponents, it will be amazing to watch. So do not miss streaming it at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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