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Bihar’s Muzaffarpur Fire News: 4 Dead, 7 Injured In Fire At Slum


There is a shocking piece of news coming forward that a great fire broke out in a house and it is shared that 4 children passed away and 6 injured. It is shared that this fire incident was so much terrible and dangerous. This news attracts the interest of many people or netizens and this fire incident is making a great buzz on the internet. Lost of people are curious to know more about this incident and continuously hit the search engine. In this article, we shared the whole information about this incident and also talk about some more details related to this incident.

Bihar: Fire broke out in 3 houses of Muzaffarpur, 4 girls died.
Bihar: Fire broke out in 3 houses of Muzaffarpur, 4 girls died.

Bihar’s Muzaffarpur Fire News

According to exclusive information and reports, this fire incident took place near Ramdayalu station of Sadar police station area Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. The confirmed cause behind this has not been revealed yet. This incident happened suddenly in the slum hut at around 1:00 am at the time of late night. It is shared that the four people who died in this fire incident were identified as the girls who were sleeping in the hut and got burnt alive in this incident. There were 4 people who died and 6 people were injured badly in this incident. Scroll down to know more about this fire incident.

Bihar’s Muzaffarpur Fire News update

The mother stated that not even a single girl child survived and her all daughters were deceased in this incident. The fire department reported this incident and immediately arrive at the incident place. After hard work, the fire department controlled on fire but it takes too much time. The police department was also informed and the police have taken the four girl’s dead bodies in their custody and sent them to the hospital for postmortem. It is shared that the injured people were admitted in the hospital.

There are many pictures and videos coming out in which it is seen that a house burnt brutally and these pictures and videos are gathering so much popularity. Lots of social media users are expressing their reactions and sharing their responses to this incident by commenting and posting on the internet or social media pages. Many people are worried about this fire incident and still many questions are not disclosed. The dead children were identified as Soni who was 12 years old, Shivani who was 8 years old, Amrita who was 5 years old and Rita who was 3 years old. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest news topics.


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