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Black Kodak Suicide Hoax Is He Dead Or Alive? Check Rumors Are Fake Or Real


The American rapper Kodak Black shocked his fans after he deactivated all his social media accounts. Yes, the world got startled when he deactivated his Twitter and Instagram account on Thursday, October 7, 2021. However, this was not what surprised his followers as the rapper shared some suicidal messages on Twitter before deactivating. He wrote that he is so lonely, depressed, and sad and added that nobody loves him nor anyone cares. The 24-year-old rapper wrote that his friends have been playing in his head while girls are playing with his heart and that he wishes that he could go back to the start.

Black Kodak

No Flockin fame rapper also wrote that is sitting in his room crying and is thinking about killing himself. He wished that he would never become famous and wants to go back in time. After the mysterious tweets, the rapper went ahead and deactivated his social media accounts. However, Kodak Black returned to Instagram on Saturday, October 9 and shared a lengthy post where he wrote that it was not probably the best thing to post those tweets and he found it very selfish to succumb to his thoughts. The Florida native further apologized to all his well-wishers for his previous tweets.

Currently, the rapper is completing a 90-day program after he violated the stipulations of his probation with a failed drug test. However, he had requested the judge to leave Florida for treatment but his request has been denied. After his disturbing tweets that garnered the huge attention of the people all around, People started praying for Kodak Black and started discussing if he is okay and what has he been going through. Well, he seems to find after he shared the post apologizing to everyone for causing them to worry.

In the comeback post that Kodak Black shared on Instagram, he wrote that that thug like him needs love and affection too and added that it was very selfish of him to worry those people who do love and care for him and want to see him happy and successful. He concluded the post by thanking everyone who prayed for him and wished him good. At last, Kodak Black wrote that he is not suicidal and have no plans on harming himself either. The post has gotten around 178,419 likes and plenty of comments from the people who are relieved after learning Kodak Black is fine and is doing well.


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