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Bluewaters Island – a luxury real estate for everyone in Dubai


Property in Dubai

Each year more and more people want to invest in a real estate in the UAE and specifically in Dubai. Speaking about real estate prices Bluewaters Island may be a luxury option, but it is definitely worth its price. This district is perfect for both retirees and families with children, it offers apartments and villas of different sizes and for various budgets. 

Real estate price 

Real estate prices in the United Arab Emirates have been rising for two years in a row now. Since November 2020, the cost of housing has increased by 16.2%, and in 2022 it may increase by another 20 percent, according to the consulting agency Cavendish Maxwell. The reason is the demand for high-yield ultra-luxury apartments, villas and townhouses that can be quickly recouped by renting out. The most important buyer of real estate in the UAE are foreigners. Home sales in Dubai, the most attractive emirate for overseas buyers, grew by 40% in the first half of 2021 compared to January-July 2020. Expats and investors have invested AED 60 billion (USD 16.3 billion) in local apartments, villas, townhouses during this time.

The average price per square meter of housing in Dubai in October 2021 is USD 2,756 (or AED 941 per square foot, as measured in the UAE). On average for all emirates 1 sq. km. m now costs a little more, USD 2,800, clarifies the influential Property Monitor service.

The emirate of Dubai, a city with its surroundings, excites the interest of foreigners because: 

  • it is very comfortable to live here; 
  • warm sea in winter; in the center of the city stands the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa; 
  • lots of affordable entertainment, luxury shopping malls; 
  • local authorities do not bother with Sharia law. 

A high ROI from renting out property is also exciting.  The Dubai Land Department says that the yield from renting private housing = 5-7% per annum. Realtors assure that in fact any apartment (apartment) or house (villa, townhouse) will fully pay off in eight to ten years.

Massive Ultraluxury Overdoze 

Now the most desired properties for buyers in Dubai and the rest of the emirates are villas and townhouses. Demand was formed at the beginning of the pandemic. In April 2020, prices for country houses around the world began to rise – people went into self-isolation and wanted to spend time in comfortable conditions, in their own or rented estate. The most sought-after villas, townhouses and apartments (as realtors in the UAE like to call apartments) are in residential complexes along the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Real estate in Dubai, in Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island is an artificial island project that developer Meraas is responsible for creating and implementing. A modern residential complex consists of luxury real estate, which offer a gorgeous panoramic view of the Persian Gulf and the skyscrapers of the metropolis. There are plenty of opportunities for recreation and interesting leisure activities.

Bluewaters Island real estate is included in the elite category – apartments of different sizes are offered, which are decorated with chic designer finishes. This area will allow you to forget about the city noise and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

Among the advantages of the island are the following:

  • Properties with high rates of profitability and quick payback.
  • Rich infrastructure – all socially important facilities within walking distance.
  • Well maintained beaches.
  • Apartments with panoramic sea and city views.

Benefits of investing

This area is located next to the popular JBR and Dubai Marina, so it also actively attracts tourists who are counting on a first-class vacation. Local real estate is one of the most expensive in the city, characterized by great investment potential and will clearly interest those who plan to use it for commercial purposes for short-term (15% per year) and long-term lease (6% per year).

Due to the small size of the island and its further development is very limited, property prices in Bluewaters Dubai will constantly rise. You will be able to earn income not only by renting out the property, but also by reselling it at a higher value.

What to visit while on Bluewaters Island?

  • Ain Dubai. The world’s tallest Ferris wheel, which makes one rotation in 30 minutes. This time will be quite enough to admire the beauties of the city.
  • Cove Beach. A beach club where you can book a sun lounger and enjoy relaxing by the pool.
  • Wax Museum Madame Tussauds. Realistic wax figures of popular politicians, athletes, fashion designers and performers.

Real estate agency in Dubai

Thanks to its experience and accumulated knowledge, a wide network of partners and an advertising budget, Ax Capital real estate agency will help you purchase your property as quickly as possible and at a real cost. They only give realistic forecasts based on knowledge of the current supply and demand situation in the UAE region. Employees of the company will explain to you all the intricacies of legislation, sales procedures, sales taxation, etc., and protect you from possible problems and difficulties.


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