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Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead Sister Melissa Valliere Arrested In Steroid Case


A piece of very shocking news has spread over the internet that the professional bodybuilder and the famous Instagram influencer Melissa Valliere got arrested. All of her followers went crazy after hearing the shocking news because she never did something wrong due to which her fans started to search about the complete matter that is she got arrested and if it happened so why did she got arrested. Well, here you will get the complete update on the case so be here till the end.

Melissa Valliere

Recently, news started to surface over the internet that bodybuilders and Instagram influencers Mellisa got arrested after found being accused of receiving substances illegally through a mail-in Martin County due to which the local police arrested the 30 years old Melissa kate Bumstead of Palm City. However, steroids and some other products are not illegal but it all comes under the prescription of doctors and the packages that are found at Melissa Kate Bumstead were illegal and she did not have any prescription of health trainers. She is having more than 104k followers which shows that if she going to tell her audience wrong then they must do what their idol has said.

As per the newest arrest reports, Custom and Border Protection officers seized a package that was mailed from Canada to Palm City. When it was being sized the manifest for the courier said that it is containing some Massage oils, Vitamins tablets, and also a T-shirt but when they opened the package they found several vials and a bunch of factory-sealed and labeled steroids and some more medicines. Some other reports are claiming that a man delivered the package to the destined locations where a few minutes later an investigation team reached the house and they not only seized the substances but also the influencer.

According to the arrest reports the package was containing several substances including Drostanolone Propionate, Oxandrolone, Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate, Stanazolol, and Mesterolone and getting these things at the same time at the spot is not just a normal thing because they are using it for bodybuilding but this is not a right way to gain muscles or weight. However, it seems like a team was keeping an eye on her for a long time and they also found the powder on her hands which was indicating that she opened the package. However, Bumstead has to face six counts of possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription. Let’s see how soon will she get freed from jail.


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