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Boeta Cassiem Newlands’ Legendary Ice-cream Seller Dies Death Cause Reason How Did He Die?


The quite heart-wrenching news is arriving in front of the people from Newlands because a legendary ice-cream vendor Mogamat “Boeta” cassiem has passed away. Ever since, his family, friends, and close one familiar with the news a wave of sorrow surrounded them, and they are going through such a great loss. It is being said that Cassiem has sold his world-famous ice cream at the Cape Town stadium, he is well popular due to his kind nature and the way of behaving with people. Get to know more check the details below such as net worth, wiki-bio, family, etc.

Boeta Cassiem Newlands Legendary Ice cream Seller Dies Death Cause Reason How Did He Die

As per the exclusive reports, Mogamat “Boeta” Cassiem was undergoing eye surgery on a recent weekend in Cape Town, he had an eye issue and the doctor informed his family that he needs to take two operations. Because he had suffered from low eyesight which used to create obstacles for him, and as per the doctor’s recommendation he agreed. But he could take only one operation and as soon as time passed his health circumstances gone down. He had a wish to watch his favorite team Manchester United match, but due to health issues, he could watch the match.

It is being reported, that Cassiem has been awarded a special Plaque by Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) in May, for his extraordinary service. His achievement “Plaque” was set on the grass embankment nearby the Oaks to celebrate his adorable service for the upcoming generation. His son Mogammad Cassiem has confirmed his death and mentioned that it’s too difficult to lose the father. Further, he said that “It was too tough for him and his family because everyone likes to see him and his sense of humor is a most attractive part, hence, everyone is going through pain.

Further, he mentioned that when they got a date of his operation so they saw the amount of support for Cassiem because of all Capetonians and Internationally. Then his family realized that how much he is important for Capetown, and it was incredible to see that numerous people were wishing for him that indicates his hard work to touch the hearts of the people. Ever since, his demise news came everyone is paying tribute to him through social media, and hence, Twitter has been flooded with condolences messages. Even everyone is praying for his family too so that, they can bear this great loss, may god give his soul rest in peace (RIP).


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