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Boogie B Montrell, New Orleans Comedian Shot and Killed Outside Rouses


There is a piece of shocking news that is coming forward related to the death of Boogie B who was mostly known as a popular comedian is now passed away. The incident of his death happened outside a store on Friday 23 December 2022. Social media is flooded with tributes there are lots of people expressing their sadness for his death and they too many raising questions related to the cause of his death, So here we are going to share some information related to his death in detail in this article.

Boogie B Montrell New Orleans Comedian Shot and Killed Outside Rouses


How Did Boogie B Montrell Die?

As per the reports of New Orleans police, he was killed in a fatal gunshot by two unidentified shooters. One of both shooters ran away from the incident place in a grey or silver sedan and he was not the original target of the shooters. His death incident happened in a car at the Rouses supermarket at 701 Baronne St. at around 4:07 pm. According to the statements of his lawyer named Juan LaFonta on Saturday that his mother said “My son was killed in a fatal gunshot and he became the victim of a stray bullet. He was buying groceries for his grandmother for Christmas dinner and then he was killed in the crossfire by two shooters.

Who Killed New Orleans Comedian Boogie B Montrell?

He was killed in a fatal shot outside a Warehouse District grocery shop and his death is confirmed on Saturday by his family to publically. He was not verified on the afternoon of Saturday by New Orleans police and the Orleans Parish Coroner’s office but the news of his death is flowing on the top of the internet.

He gets too much attention on Instagram, Tiktok, and on other social media pages by exploring historical sites, occasions, and people in New Orleans a hilarious spin. According to the statement of his cousin’s brother who tells the news channels that he had been living in Los Angeles but he was coming to Slidell to celebrate Christmas with his mother and grandmother.

Brandon Montrell is the real name of Boogie B and he was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. His mother expresses grief for his death and this news broke the heart of his family members and his friends. There are lots of people also sharing their love for him through the way of social media by commenting and posting on social media pages. Police continue searching for those two shooters and the investigation is ongoing, for reading more articles then stay connected to our website.


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