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Boy Was Killed After Monkeys Pushed A Boulder From A Roof On His Head: Telangana News Today


A tragic and horrifying incident happened in the Indian state of Telangana where a three-year-old boy was killed by Monkeys. What exactly happened there and how he died we will try to give you all information which we collect and found with deep research and studying about him. What his parents about said his death and also why were they angry with the government?As you can see that we can’t understand of feelings of the parents who lost their only three years old boys who just started to speak and not see the world. To know more about this case scroll down the page and continue reading.

Boy Was Killed After Monkeys Pushed A Boulder From A Roof

We are talking about the case which happens in Telangana state, India. A tragic and terrifying incident happened in Telangana where a group of monkeys caused the death of three years old boy. A three-year-old boy who was dead identified as Devunuri Abhinav was playing below the tin of his home. Devnuru parents are lives in Katukuri village in Akkanapet whose names are Rajitha and Srikanth reportedly paid more than Rs 5 lakhs for him to undergo lifesaving surgery. The kid had almost made a full recovery but after the incident, he died.

Boy Was Killed After Monkeys Pushed A Boulder From A Roof

Boy Was Killed After Monkeys Pushed A Boulder

Through the sources, we get to know that he died because of monkeys. A gang of monkeys had been jumping around which then caused a large big rock to fall off onto his head. This happened when he was playing and the Monkeys jumped which caused the fall of a big rock onto his head and he died. The toddler’s death is the latest news of primate-related cases in India. This kind of case is increasing day by day and also happened before. People are concerned and live in terror when they see the monkey group and said to Government to take strict action due to this.

As you can see this kind of case happened before like a Monkey attack on an influencer’s family and their family lift up rocks and throw on Monkey to get safe.Another kind case where a 70 years old woman killed by a pack of rampaging monkeys while on her way to the bathroom in Southern India.

Raj Kumar Chahar, a Bharatiya Janata Party MP, voiced his concerns surrounding menacing primates during a government debate. He demanded answers on how much relief should be afforded by the state to victims of monkey attacks. It came after the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change claimed they had no record of the number of people injured or killed due to monkey bites in India. Please be safe and stay with this website.


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