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Bradley Hill Kicking Women Subway Escalator Video, Arrested Check Footage & Clip


Recently, a video had gone viral which featured a man kicking a woman in the chest down a New York subway escalator. Now, the reports confirm that the said man has been arrested. Yes, the man, who was identified as Bradley K Hill, has been detained by the officials. The cops have charged the man with assault and arrested him on Friday. September 17, 2021. On September 9, the video had gone insanely viral and had caught netizens attention. The internet users were demanding action against the suspect and now, after some time, Bradley’s arrest news has come to light.

Bradley Hill kicking women

As per the footage of the intolerable incident, the man identified as Bradly Hill pushed his way past a woman on the escalator to which the latter said “excuse me”. The man looked at her and stood two steps up from her. Not a second pass when Bradley turned around and kicked the woman in her chest. He kicked her with so much intensity that she tumbled down the escalator while the man just walked away as nothing happened. The entire incident took place in Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station situated in Brooklyn in New York.

Earlier, due to some reasons, the man couldn’t be identified. The officials investigated the footage thoroughly and found out that the man was wearing a dark suit along with an opened necked shirt. Besides, he was also wearing a Nike face mask and had freshly buzzed hair. The incident happened on September 9 this year and the officials soon started searching for the culprit based on his looks while they even asked the general public to inform them if they encounter the suspect anywhere. Now, the police have taken the man into custody under assault charges. It is also reported that the man is around 32-years-old.

However, the identity of the victim is still unidentified. When asked about the incident, the victim told that the man kicked her out of nowhere and before she could process anything she tumbled down the escalator. The woman got plenty of bruises and cuts on her legs, back, arms, right thigh, right knee and left ankle. Nevertheless, she refused to receive any medical treatment. On another side, Bradley Hill also admitted that he kicked the lady. Besides, the 32-years-old also changed his entire hairstyle as earlier he was seen with long curly hairs combed up in a bun while on Friday he was seen in a short haircut.


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