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Brazilian “Mad Dog” Surfer Marcio Freire Dies Riding Waves In Nazaré


A shocking piece of news is coming to the front where it is reported that the legendary Brazilian surfer Marcio Freire died. He was reportedly surfing the giant waves at Nazare in Portugal when he sadly passed away. Following the announcement of the news, tributes have poured in for the surfer. People who admired him are rushing to social media to pay him heartfelt and sincere respects. For those unversed, Freire was one of three pioneering Brazilian surfers who were featured in the 2016 documentary Mad Dogs.

Brazilian Mad Dog Surfer Marcio Freire Dies Riding Waves In Nazaré

Brazilian Surfer Marcio Freire Dies

As per reports, the documentary was about the surfers’ attempt to conquer the giant wave “Jaws” in Hawaii. Sources have confirmed that Marcio was killed on Thursday, January 5, 2022. At the time of his death, he was surfing the celebrated Atlantic waves in Portugal, home of the Nazare Canyon.

Let us tell you that the waves are rated one of the sport’s biggest and most terrifying so surfing those are a challenge in itself. Releasing a statement, the National Maritime Authority said that the 47-year-old man of Brazilian nationality died this afternoon. He reportedly failed to conquer those beautiful but deadly waves.

What Happened To Marcio Freire?

It is coming forward that the rescuers found that the man was in cardio-respiratory arrest. Despite all the efforts, it was not possible to reverse the situation, he was in. Let us mention that the Nazare Canyon lies just off the eastern Atlantic coast. It happens to have a depth of 5 Km while being 170 Km long. The local maritime agency identified the victim as Freire. They called him a veteran surfer who lived for around 20 years in Hawaii. It is also the sport’s traditional homeland. Ever since the news broke out on social media, numerous surfers poured tributes for him on Instagram.

Expressing their sadness, fellow bog-wave surfer Nic von Rupp said that Marcio surfed all day long and that he was passionate about that sport. Whenever he surfed, he had a huge smile on his face that was enough to reflect his love for surfing. Nic said that he will picture him having a big smile on his face whenever he will miss him. Apart from him, other surfers also came forward and mourned his death. It is no doubt to say that the unfortunate death of the veteran surfer has saddened many. Social media is flooded with tributary posts and condolence messages. Stay tuned with us for more updates and the latest news.


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