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Bride, 21, Dies During Her Jaimala Ceremony In Lucknow Due To Cardiac Arrest


A shocking piece of news is coming forward from Lucknow. It has been reported that a young bride died on her wedding day. As shocking as it seems, the news happens to be true. It is reported that she suddenly collapsed during the garland exchange ceremony on the stage. The news has become the topic of discussion on the internet. Netizens are discussing the shocking news as a bride lost her life on the day of her marriage. Here, check all the details about the matter in the article below.

Bride 21 Dies During Her Jaimala Ceremony In Lucknow Due To Cardiac Arrest

Bride, 21, Dies During Her Jaimala Ceremony

According to reports, the bride was in her early 20s. She reportedly collapsed garland exchange ceremony on the stage and died. The shocking incident happened in Bhadwana village of Malihabad on the outskirts of Lucknow on Saturday. It is no doubt to say that the family of the bride was stunned to learn about her unfortunate demise. The venue where the wedding was happening turned into a funeral venue. No one had even imagined that something like this would happen and everyone was only looking forward to enjoying the happy moments but destiny had definitely else planned for her.

What Happened With Bride On Stage?

Following the circulation of the saddening piece of news, people started paying heartfelt tributes to the deceased soul and extended their deepest condolences to her family and close ones. Besides, people were also curious to know the cause of death that claimed her life at such a young age.

Well, it is coming forward that the bride died due to cardiac arrest. Several sources have been claiming that she suffered a cardiac arrest that eventually became her cause of death. Police officials stated that the incident took place in Lucknow on Saturday, December 3, 2022, and saddened the families of both the groom and bride.

Malihabad Station House Officer (SHO), Subhas Chandra Saroj said that they came to learn about the incident through social media. Taking the matter into consideration, a team was sent to the village for further inquiry. The officer said that the wedding of Shivangi, daughter of Rajpal of Bhadwana village with Vivek was going on. The bride had to go to the stage and had to garland the groom. While doing the same, she collapsed all of a sudden. It caused the guests to get panicked. She was even taken to the community health center where the doctors referred her to the Trauma Centre but she died before reaching there.


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