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British Actor Julian Sands Dead or Alive? Missing in California Where is He Now?


The latest news report has stated that popular British Actor Julian Sands is missing after going on to trek in the San Gabriel mountains. Reports have further claimed that Julian Sands went on to trekking on Friday. The news about his sudden disappearance has become the talk of the town and creating buzz all over the globe.

Julian Sands

The news about his sudden disappearance during the trek was announced by the San Bernandino County Sheriff. Reports have also claimed that the investigating agencies started their search over the weekend. Investigating agencies didn’t waste a minute and started looking for him over the weekend. Further reports have also stated that he went missing in the baldy bowl. The British actor Julian Sands is 65 years old.

Many reports on social media have claimed that earlier officials didn’t disclose the name of the actor, but on Wednesday County Sheriff released all the details about the lost Actor. As soon as this news break out it created a massive storm of buzz all over social media and the internet. It grabbed massive amounts of news headlines all over the globe. Investigating agencies have also carried out search operations with drones and helicopters after getting a clear weather check from authorities. The weather conditions in the region are not good at the moment.

Atrocious weather conditions are the biggest hurdle in the way of search. Avalanche-like weather conditions in the region. Although still, the official is trying their best to find the lost star. Regional authorities have released a statement and warned people to avoid going to the region due to the bad weather forecast. The weather can be harsher in the coming days, thus it is advised to stay away from the region. Currently, there are not many updates about the actors well being at the moment. Although officials are doing their best to find him and let’s hope they find him as soon as possible. We also wish for the best, stay tuned with us to know all the updates and developments in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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