Home General News Brown Bear Attacks Pregnant Woman Circus Video Footage Check How’s She Now?

Brown Bear Attacks Pregnant Woman Circus Video Footage Check How’s She Now?


A video is going viral on the internet that has spread a scary wave for those who are thinking to go to watch a circus or however, they are making plans to watch animals because recently a video of a circus from Russia is surfacing the internet where a bear seem attacking a pregnant woman on her bump and the lady stated that her bump was attracting or perhaps irritating the bear so he just attacked at her.

Brown Bear Attacked Pregnant Woman

As per the reports, the lady who got attacked by the bear is a trainer of the same circus club and she said that “Perhaps it was jealousy to some extent since I am pregnant. There can be many nuances. She then said that she will be dealing with these kinds of moments or incidents in the future with some more experienced colleagues. In another statement, she said that first, the bear attacked her, and just after the incident he started to behave the same as usual. Just after the moment the bear and the pregnant lady or better say the trainer both shared a warm hug together.

The locals said that when they reached the show they saw all the animals in the little cage and that too angry and agitated so it also becoming the problem and the owner of the circus club should also focus on this because if animals stay in anger then how can be the performance be so good. One of the visitors also said that he saw the bear in a wave of anger before performing the show.

A Russian Investigative Committee has opened a probe into the incident. “The investigation is undertaking a set of measures to establish all the circumstances of the incident, interviewing circus employees, and witnesses.” However, the investigation is going on on the situation of animals of the circus because people are saying that she was the trainer hence she controlled the situation but still, the problem is the anger of animals and what if he could harm the baby and what if he attacked someone else. Share your opinion on this and stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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