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Buddhist Priest Hoeun Soeun Cause of Death? Dies in Bizarre Accident Wiki Biography


One of the strange incidents took place in Cambodia that even claimed the life of a priest who was performing a funeral ceremony at a crematorium. The accident was much horrific that shocked all the people standing there. The news went viral all over social media and netizens are aghast after learning about this bizarre. The priest died at the stop due to the sudden blast that ensued there. As we mentioned above that the news has received wide consideration on the Internet as well. Get more information on a Buddhist priest who dies in a serious accident.

Buddhist Priest Hoeun Soeun

According to the latest reports asserted by some of the trusted media organizations the priest died on the spot just after a few seconds of the blast. It is being said that the priest belonged to the Buddhist community was performing a funeral ceremony when a funeral pyre blasted in front of him. He was busy performing prayer for a deceased man who lost his life in a motorbike accident in Kampong Cham Province. While performing the prayer he came close to lighting up the funeral pyre and it caught in a tremendous blast.

The priest was later identified as Hoeun Soeun who was 72 years of his age at the time of his death. He was performing the funeral of a 20 years old man who died in a road accident. The entire inside has been even recorded in a camera that is circulating from platform to platform and gaining a high amount of attention from the netizens. The priest continued with his prayer at the time and also performed some other formalities, before lighting up the wood he poured petrol on the woods so the woods catch fire properly.

As and when the priest lit the fire a blast took place that blew a metal door which hit the face of the priest and he fell to the ground. As we mentioned above that the priest passed on the spot due to the serious head injury caused due to that fatal hit.

The police department also gained information about the case and they approached the crematorium and started their investigation. The crematorium authority informed us that this for the first time when such kind of weird incident took place and took life as well. We will get back to you with more information till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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