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Budh Vihar Murder Case: Woman Dies After Man Stabs Her 25 Times Check CCTV Footage


The most heinous crime news is arriving forward among the people from the Budh Vihar that a husband became the cause of his wife’s demise. He has stabbed her more than 15 times through which she got died at moment. As per the sources, a lot of videos of the incident are getting viral on social media along with the photos in which you can see how much she suffered at the time of demise. Here you can get to know the reason behind the incident and about the legal actions as well.

Budh Vihar Murder Case Woman Dies After Man Stabs Her 25 Times Check CCTV Video

The Delinquent’s identity has popped out in front of the audience, his name is Harish and the incident took a place in the main market of Delhi’s Budh Vihar. The local police of Vijay Vihar have arrested him under the IPC section 302, according to the recent reports and the source offender has stabbed her again and again whose video is getting viral on social media and watched by numerous people. Someone recorded the video on their mobile and through in which defaulter is identifying.

In the video, we can watch the offender kept on stabbing her which caused her death and her name was Neelu and she lived in the Budh Vihar Phase-I. As per the sources, Harish runs his own Marriage Bureau and he had a doubt about her marital affair with her colleague. This is the reason in anger he lost his all sense without thinking anything & just stabbed her and as the result, she got died on the spot which is horrific, numerous people were crossing the market when the incident was taking a place.

According to the police, Harish fought with her and after a while lost his control & senses and stabbed her more than 15 times brutally. But after the incident police came there to arrest him and filed a complaint against him and registered a case under the IPS section 302, and police are investigating the case and trying to manage the panic situation in the area, and all citizens get afraid after witnessing this horrible incident.

This type of news affects women a lot and hence no one can trust anyone else, because this kind of incident created an atmosphere of terror. But as per the sources a lot of rumors are popping out regarding the incident, and if you want to know about that so you can visit the internet sites. But according to the recent reports, this marital issue has popped out as a reason for stabbing, for further information stay connected with us.


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