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CFJ vs TPF Live Score Nicaragua Women’s League 2020 CFJ vs TPF Dream11 Match Prediction


Hello, all the peers and all the basketball enthusiasts, we hope you all are safe and getting all the information of Nicaragua Basketball League 2020. Well, along with men’s Nicaragua Basketball competition women are also participating in the league which as the same interesting as men’s. The next match of Nicaragua Women’s League is set to be played between CFJ vs TPF. In the upcoming of the league Championship For Jesus will compete against Tititapa Women for the first time as the TPF Women are going to play their first match in the league. So, get ready to witness some action in the basketball court.

The next match of Nicaragua Women’s League 2020 of CFJ vs TPF determined to be played at Nicaragua on 4 May 2020 at 4:00 AM. Both the teams including TPF and CGH are highly enthusiasts and tough and will not give an even a single chance to others in the game. It is going to be a tough match between TPF and CFJ. It is the first game of the match and both the teams are eager to register their first conquest in the league.

CFJ vs TPF Live Score

As we mentioned above, that it is for the first time that TPF is arriving in the stadium along with their key players to struggle to win against CFJ. Jazmin Luna, Maigrely Urbina, Luisa Dominguez, Tisha Slate, and Iony Stake are the foremost player of the team, all are in a solid fore and being impatient to give a firm competition to its opponent.

Tipitapa Womens Playing Squad: Brittany Arellando, Jazmin Luna, Cristina Zamora, Maigrely Urbina, Arlen Mago, Naomy Mendoza, Luisa Dominguez, Silvia Chavez, Tisha Slate, Mireya Jiron, Iony Slate, Estefanny Suarez

If we concern about CFJ, the team is ready to show its ultimate talent and spectacular gameplay in the game court. It will be challenging for its opponent to chase the winning score against CFJ. The team is ready to square off against TPF with its key players including Consuelo Siles, Michelle Gaiton, and Nahomy Castillo.

CFJ Playing Squad: Consuelo Siles, Giuliana Urbina, Jayde Leal, Cristine Lopez, Monica Tellez, Yara Gonzalez, Nahomy Castillo, Lesley Moreira, Denia Gutierrez, Brechell Hurtado, Michelle Gaitan, Julissa Calderon

It is sure that the first match of the league will be highly engaging and exciting for all the Basketball fans. Don’t forget to catch the live match and cheer your favorite team. It is quite difficult to predict which team will manage to score more in the game. We have to wait till the match ends for the final result. Stay tuned with us for more and all the latest updates on the Live score of CFJ vs TPF.



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