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Charles Njonjo Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Rumour Explained


It is really gotten usual for death rumours to circulate on the internet every now and then. Honestly, it just takes a minute to spread something like this. We are also reporting one death rumour which is being circulated on social media nowadays. Yes, we are talking about the passing of the former Attorney General named Charles Njonjo. His death news has taken the internet by storm as every other person is debating whether the general is dead or alive. While there are also searches regarding the cause of his death if it has happened. Here’s what we know about it.

Charles Njonjo

Well, as per the sources, Charles Njonjo is not dead and is still alive. The death hoax or the rumours which are doing rounds on the internet is completely baseless. The general is reported to be spending his time with his family at Muthaiga in Nairobi County and he is properly healthy as well. The moment the death news started to circulate on the internet, Charles’ family were quick to deny the reports that stated the general has died. They even shared a statement where they happened to refuse all the claims regarding the fake death news of Charles Njonjo.

However, people were quick to pay tribute to the deceased and flooded the internet with condolences and RIP messages. One can witness plenty of emotional messages that came from the users who actually felt sad after learning about the news of the general demise. Well, now, his family has asked not to spread fake rumours and have confirmed that Charles is absolutely doing fine and is spending his time with his dear ones in Nairobi County. Charles Njonjo also shared a statement where he stated that the reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated and that he is well and enjoying his weekend at home as they are happily celebrating Utamaduni Day.

Talking about who is Charles Njonjo, he is a former Attorney General of Kenya. Besides, he also happens to be the Minister of Constitutional Affairs. The general was born on 23rd January 1920 in Kibichiko village that is located in Kikuyu in Kiamba County. Very few people are aware that Charles is also known as the son of the late Josiah Njonjo who was the foremost collaborator of British rule along with a colonial paramount chief in Kenya. Apart from it, Njonjo is also known as “The Duke of Kabatshire”.


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