Home Entertainment Chashni Written Episode Update 20 April 2023: Spoiler Alert

Chashni Written Episode Update 20 April 2023: Spoiler Alert


Hello, readers here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written updates on your favorite shows and now we will tell you about today’s Chashni written update of 20th April 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Raunaq says you won’t reach Roshni ever. Chandni challenges Ronak and he accepts the challenge. Chandni worries when Ronak beat the reporter when the reporter taunts them upon Samar and his wife splitting. Samar and everyone see the news.

Samar says I won’t compromise with my respect, that my son has troubled a girl and played with her heart. He says help me sort out this problem.  he will convince Raunaq to marry Chandni.

Chashni Written Episode Update

Ronak is drinking and Samar walks in and said that I want to tell you something I know you hate me but I m not ashamed and wrong because I never played with the feelings of the girl. Samar says you don’t know the truth, be a man, give the right and status to that girl which she deserves, and marry Chandni.

Chashni Written Episode Update

Ronak said you don’t have the right to interfere in my life. You gave me life lessons and wrong and right who is already done a bad thing to marry a girl who is like your daughter’s age and now all people are talking bad about you.

Ronak asks did you and Dad get mad. She says to think of our hatred for Chandni, we will torture her, just say yes to the marriage, but don’t marry her, Sumer will think we agreed to him and our plan will work out. Samar, Roshni, and Ronak come to Chandni’s house. The media also comes. Raunaq answers the reporter, Ashok. He asks him not to involve his mum again. He announces Chandni and his marriage. Everyone claps for them.

Chashni Written Update

Chashni Written Episode Update 20 April 2023

Roshni hugs to Chandni and gave bangles as Shagun to Chandni then Roshni says welcome Bahurani. Roshni says he says we are so lucky to stay in the same house as Saas and Bahu, welcome to the Babbar family, Bahurani. She asks Chandni to touch her feet. Chandni does it.

Roshni taunts her. Samar and Roshni meet Dadi and Nani. Raunaq holds Chandni’s hand and says I promise you, you will run away from the mandap. Chandni says I will promise you that I will not be running from the Mnadap and we will celebrate our first night. Chandni says to Dadi and Nani I will not leave Roshni alone there, I promised Mum I will protect her, she isn’t safe there, and I have to go there.


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