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Chashni Written Update 19 April 2023: Chandni Makes An Announcement!


Here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of Chashni. The latest written update of Chashni is on 19th April 2023. The episode starts with the scene where Ronak meets Chandni. Ronak asks Chandni to leave.Ronak said that why she coming to him when she already live a happy life. Chandni said to Ronak that she is not happy and as well as in danger. She is not safe here and also wants help. She says that I don’t want to be alone and doesn’t want anything else please help me.

Ronak said that he will not help her and take the picture of her and said that my sister will be happy to see her like this. She says to him that she will be not happy if his sister sees that you are hurting an innocent person. He says don’t let Roshni in between this and your talking time is over now get out of here.

Chandni said I thought you were only the person who thinks about me and understands me and I also requested you. Now it’s time for action she thinks. Ronak comes downstairs after their conversation and sees that Ronak is coming down with a sad face Samar asks him how is he. Are you fine or not? Ronak leaves without answering him and goes for the answers from the reporters.

Chandni Written Update: Next Scene

Sanjot says to Roshni that Samar will lose his respect in front of many people. Samar says he is happy that Ronak returns back. The reporters ask about Raunaq’s plans and personal life. Chandni comes downstairs. She says no one knows about us, I m his lady luck, his love, Chandni Chopra. Everyone is shocked.

Chandni Written Update 19 April 2023

Raunaq said what are you saying it’s a lie. Ronaq said why are you doing this we are not a couple anymore but Chandni announce the engagement. Ronak says this is not true but Chandni handling the situation and said that there is a little fight between them and that’s why he is angry with her. Ronak says to her that even if she does anything he will not marry her. He says I can tolerate anything but not a stain on my respect, you have insulted me and my son, why. Chandni says it’s the truth of my life, your son had pretended to love me, then he cheated me.

Chandni says the witness of her relationship is Roshni. and how I tell her that Ronak is the only one who taught her what is love and give her so much happiness. Then she recalls the moments of her with Ronak. That’s all for the Chandni episode written update of 19th April 2023.


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