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Chashni Written Update 20th May 2023: Today’s Episode


The episode starts with Chandni, Chandni tries to explain that she is not hiding anything and asks him to calm down and share his thoughts with her. But Raunaq refuses to listen and storms out of the room, leaving Chandni confused and hurt. Later, Chandni goes through Avantika’s diary and finds a clue that leads her to suspect someone else in Avantika’s death. She decides to investigate further and unravel the truth to clear her name and find justice for Avantika. However, Raunaq’s distrust and anger towards her continue to make things difficult. Chandni realizes that she must fight alone against the odds to prove her innocence and uncover the real culprit behind Avantika’s death.

Chashni Written Episode Update

Chashni Written Update 20th May 2023

As Vandana enters, Nisha explains that she had an argument with Raunaq last night and he walked out on her. Vandana hugs Nisha and assures her that everything will be fine. She also advises Nisha to give Raunaq some space and time to cool down before trying to talk to him again. Meanwhile, Raunaq is getting ready to leave for the office when he receives a call from Nisha. He doesn’t answer but the call is enough to make him feel guilty for his behavior. He starts to think about all the times Nisha has been there for him and how he has been taking her for granted.

Chashni Written Episode Update


Chandni recalls all the moments spent with Raunaq and how she enjoyed his company, but she knows she has to leave as it’s the right thing to do. As she leaves the mansion, Raunaq rushes to her and holds her hand, begging her not to leave him. Chandni looks at him with teary eyes and says that she has to go for his happiness and for Roshni’s sake. Raunaq apologizes for everything and promises to make things right.

He doesn’t want to lose the love of his life, and he begs Chandni to give him another chance. Chandni looks at him with a heavy heart and nods. She knows it won’t be easy, but she’s willing to take the risk for love. He realizes that he has developed feelings for her too, but he was too afraid to admit it. Raunaq then decides to stop Chandni from leaving. He rushes to her and apologizes for his behavior and confesses his love for her. Chandni is surprised but happy to hear this. And the episode ends here. You can watch this serial only on ‘Star Plus’.


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