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Chashni Written Update 22nd April 2023: Raunaq Invites Tarun To Humiliate Chandni


Hello, readers and viewers here we are again to entertain you by giving the latest written update on today’s episode of the serial Chashni.The latest written update of Chashni, 22nd April 2023. Today’s episode starts with the scene when Chashni refuses to take the Expensive Lehanga from Sanjot. Chashni says that she wants to wear her mother’s marriage lehenga and also says that Ronak also likes simple things. Sanjot nodded his head in yes unwillingly. Samar tells Chashnin that this is a ritual of their house and that the lehenga which is for the Bridal sent by the groom’s side and tells to her accept the lehenga.

Roshni smirks while Chashni gets worried when Ronak says that he invited some special friends to the ceremony. Staff informs Roshni that Samar wants to introduce her to a special guest which is Roshni and Chashni’s family members.

Chashni Written Episode Update

Roshni tries to talk with her family members but her family members refuse to talk to her and say she is grown up now here and we are only coming for Chashni to bless her. Roshni gets furious and gets frustrated to think that even here Chashni took her family away from her and now Roshni is hating Chashni even more.

Chashni Written Update: Next Scene

Ronak is lost in Chashni’s beauty when he sees her and smiles for no reason.Samar asks to Ronak to bring Chashni.He tells her that she is looking good but unfortunately won’t feel good. Chashni realizes that there is something wrong Ronak has planned something. Ronak holds Chashnis’s hands and takes to the stage. Ronak says to everyone that he can’t get engaged until the person has not come and he is waiting for him. Ronak threatens and challenges Chashni that she will see when Samar will himself kicks out or anyone else from this house. Then Chashni sees Tarun who comes to the engagement ceremony and starts insulting Chashni and raises a question about her character.

Samar and Sanjot ask why she is silent when Tarun starts badmouthing her its like that those allegations are true. Chashni says that she has self-respect she has been silent till now because she can’t be interrupted when she starts speaking. And all the things Tarun said are false. Chashni says that he was the one who harassed her since she joined the firework station and he also did this disgusting thing to many other girls that’s why he lost his job and get suspended. Samar throws out Tarun from there and  Chashnni thanks Samar for trusting her. Ronak and Roshni’s plan failed again.


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