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Chathur Mukham Review Malayalam Movie Releases On Zee5 Check Star Cast & Total OTT Views


The Tecno-horror film titled ‘Chatur Mukham’ has again gotten in the news as it has been scheduled to be released on the OTT platform. Though the movie was released in April this year, the makers have planned to bring the anticipated movie on the streaming platforms. It will be released on 9th July 2021 on Zee5 where the viewers can watch it. However, before watching any film, the viewers get eager to know if the movie is even worth watching or not. Yes, we are talking about the review so we are providing a quick review of the popular South Indian film.

Chathur Mukham

Directed by Ranjeet Kamala Sankar and Salil V, Chatur Mukham which means ‘four faces’ is a horror-thriller movie with a Tecno touch in it. It features Manju Warrier in the lead role while other actors including Alenciar Ley Lopez, Sunny Wayne, Babu Annur, Rony David, Niranjana Anoop, and Shyamaprasad in supporting roles.

Chathur Mukham Movie

Talking about the storyline of the film, it shows how dependence on technology more to an extent could become a nightmare. The technology which seems to be the friend of the humans who brought those into existence can transform into a powerful enemy of those humans too.

It’s a story about a young girl named Tejaswini who gets addicted to social media and as a result remains constantly on her phone. However, her mobile addiction becomes a problem to her as it starts taking control of her life. Undoubtedly, the Malayalam movie is the first of its kind as no one has touched the subject. It will show how a gadget upon which every individual has relied on be it for entertainment, work, communication or to gain any kind of information can turn into something very scary as it starts handling your own life.

The twist arrives when Tejaswini played by Manju Warrier loses her phone and purchases a new one. From there, the series of horror incidents along with suspense begins to build up. Being made in the Manju House Productions under Jiss Toms and Justin Thomas, Chatur Mukham has a gripping story and plot which keeps the viewers to the edge of their seats. It would give the viewers some obvious jump scares along with the feeling to know what happens next. However, if you are expecting solid scary and frightening moments then this would not be the best choice for you. Catch the movie on Zee5 on July 9, 2021.


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