Home Entertainment Check Bawara Dil Full Written Update Episode 5-7-2021: Akka Bai Saves Sarkar

Check Bawara Dil Full Written Update Episode 5-7-2021: Akka Bai Saves Sarkar


Bawara Dil starts with Akka Bai comes to Shiva and asks him to thrash him more so he never dares to bad eyes on any girl. Shiva looks at him, Sarkar started shivering, Bai asks Shiva if he is feeling as she is here. Akka Bai tells Sarkar that she already warned him to not repeat this abhorrent act again but it seems you didn’t listen to me. She says this time you molested Shiva’s sister. Akka Bai says she won’t spare you now. Bhavin suggests Bai listen to him at least once but Bai denies it.

Check Bawara Dil Full Written Update Episode 5-7-2021: Akka Bai Saves Sarkar

Soni is getting tensed there and tells Sidhi that she has to talk to Shiva otherwise, he would kill Sarkar. Meanwhile, Vijaya comes to them and asks what is going on with her. Bai there is playing tricks in front of Shiva and hums him that she is trying to save you so just follow what I am telling you to do. She covers herself by slapping her. Sarkar says that you can kill me but at least listen to me first. Sarkar says that she was only trying to save Soni from the snake but you all took me wrong.

Sidhi tells Vijiya everything at the same time Bunty comes and asks about Shiva. Sidhi tells Soni to go to Shiva, but Bunty says that Sarkar is along with Shiva. They all get stunned hearing Bunty’s words. Just then Sarkar enters and Mangala welcomes her. She asks how did you get all these bruised. Sidhi and Soni come there, Sarkar asks Soni to tell everyone that fake snake truth. Just the Akka Bai comes and tells everything to Mangala. She further says that he also has a witness along with her. She calls Sagar who supports Bai and Sarkar.

Sidhi asks if he is saying the truth, Akka Bai then tries to make Soni understand that you have just misunderstood nothing happen to you. Akka Bai and Sarkar try to emotional blackmail Sidhi to forgive them otherwise, our image will get ruined everywhere. Shiva sees Akka Bai kneeling down in front of Sidhi, he rushes to her. Akka Bai leaves along with Shiva and Sagar while Mangala lashes out on Sidhi.

Akka Bai there keep Shiva in confidence and says now, it has been confirmed that Sarkar isn’t guilty. Shiva sits down disappointed. Sidhi comes to him and says it is hard to believe in Akka Bai. Shiva says anything had happened but it proved that Soni is secure with you. The episode ends watch it on Colors Tv at 10:30 PM.


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