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Check Choti Sardaarni Latest Written Episode 12th July 2021: Param Begs Meher To Save Him


The show called Choti Sardarni is getting a big response from its audience with every episode. Tonight you will watch, Sarab recalls when Param said him something. Seher there asks why we all are washing these utensils. He replies that her brother has become greedy and insecure and through this, they are trying to clean their hearts as well. Seher says that Mama still loves them and that too so much. Sarab asks her if she forgot what Meher Mama taught her.

Check Choti Sardaarni Latest Written Episode 12th July 2021: Param Begs Meher To Save Him

There, Meher gets angry at Kulwant saying that she shame of him, she asks why did he do such with her kids. She further asks him if he has any shame in his eyes. Kulwant replies that he said her not to send him to jail but she did what he denies for and now he won’t let her take relief to breathe as he will ruin her motherhood. He says that his first attack was perfect and says her to think about what can be his next step towards running her life.

Seher goes to sleep with Sarab, she feels bad for Param while sleeping. Sarab asks her what did she see there. She replies that she saw Mama took Karan up in the air, Param was hanging there in the air and this made her so scared, then Mama pulled him back down. she looks at Harleen there and says Mama loves you all. Kulwant says that she used to be a lioness before being a mother. Then she says that now she will ruin her daughter’s marriage. Meher says, no you can’t do that because even god can’t separate us. She says that kids never lie and you know it very well.

Harleen makes a call to Sarab and says please come home quickly as she is scared. Sarab asks her what happened? she tells him that Param isn’t well and He is sobbing in asleep. Meher holds him. Param continues to cry while sleeping and he repeats one thing saying “mama don’t leave me, Please hold me and save me, mama”.

Sarab there is on call and getting worried about him, Param says why did you leave my hand’s mama? Meher gets teary eyes and requests him saying please open your eyes. Param awakes and opens his eyes. Meher says you’re fine. Nothing will happen. Mama is with you. He hugs Harleen quickly. Meher gives him water but he doesn’t take it. Harleen gives him water she checks his forehead which shows that Param has a fever. The episode ends here. Stay tuned to read more episode updates


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