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Check Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update Of Today 6th July 2021: Ishqi’s Grah Parvesh


Hello, all of our pals, so here is the written update of Ishq Par Zor Nahin recent episode. Well, as we all saw, that Riya is blackmailing Ahaan by taking advantage of her pregnancy. Ahaan gets tensed and start drinking, Riya takes her home where Ishqi’s Muh Dikhai ceremony was going on. All the guests start talking and Sarla tries to add fuel into the fire, but Ishqi handles Ahaan properly. Ahaan gets sober and Kartik and Sonu comes to him and scolds him that Ishqi’s Muh Dikhai ceremony got ruined properly. Ahaan gets sad and says he will convince Ishqi on their honeymoon.

Check Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update Of Today 6th July 2021: Ishqi's Grah Parvesh

Raj along with Kartik and Sonu go to meet Ahaan to ask about their honeymoon plan. But they find that Ahaan wasn’t there. Just then Sarla comes there and asks Raj it would be better if you manage to handle your wife. Raj says all right and says that he is currently busy cheering up Ishqi. Sonu apologises to her, but Sarla again taunts her. Meanwhile, Ishqi comes there and Kartik says we are talking about your Ahaan. Ishqi asks if Ahaan knows about all this. Radhika is suggesting Riya disclosing about her pregnancy to everyone and says it is Ahaan’s child.

Riya meets Ahaan in the hospital and again tries to emotional blackmail him. She says she used to think that we can fight with the entire world, but I was wrong. She further says now she has decided to abort this baby. Radhika thinks that her daughter is good for nothing. Ishqi there is waiting for Ahaan, but Ahaan comes up along with a surprise. Everyone gathers there, he calls Ishqi and says that he is aware that you are upset. He says it won’t happen ever again. Ahaan makes Ishqi feel special. Ishqi smiles and everyone claps for them. Just then Sonu says that we have planned your honeymoon.

The next morning Kartik goes to Dadi and says you are forgetting about Grah Parvesh ritual, but Dadi tries to avoid him. Kartik says Ishqi come as a daughter in law of this house and she ought to perform this ritual. Sonu asks Kartik to get the Kalash, Kartik opens the door and shows the arrangements. While everyone is enjoying the ceremony, Dadi again tries to throw tantrums and asks her to smile. He tells her that you cancelled their honeymoon for the reception. Ahaan and Ishqi performing the ritual and everyone enjoying it except Dadi.


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