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Check Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24 June 2021 Written Episode: Riddhima Gets Exposed In Front Of Vansh


The upcoming episode of Ishq Mai Marjawan 2 begins where Riddhima puts off the mask and comes in front of the entire family, and everyone gets shocked at her in such a suspicious attire. Dadi retaliates with her by saying that what is the reason behind this, Ishani says that is she Black Mamba. Then Riddhimaa removes her hood and says that she has done to reveal the identity of Black Mamba. Spontaneously Chanchal recalls that she saw black gloves and a blazer in her room and informs that that Black Mamba is here.

Check Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24 June 2021 Written Episode: Riddhima Gets Exposed In Front Of Vansh

Then Chanchal comes back and Riddhimaa asks why she is looking scared meanwhile, she unleashes that she applied Sunscreen, but it seems suspicious and Riddhimaa asks her that it’s been a late night and there is no need to apply it. Then Chanchal replies by saying that she takes care of her skin hence she applied many products. Meantime, Riddhimaa says that it does not catch the fire but suddenly Chanchal raises a question that what’s the reason behind her fake pregnancy.

After that, Vansh comes and Chanchal says that he came at the right time and tries to unleash Riddhimaa’s truth. Then she says that Riddhimaa is lying about her pregnancy because she is not pregnant, and making the stories to hide it. Then Ishani also arrives to inflame “Dadi” by saying that she got the address of a company that makes a lame pregnancy kit for ladies. Then she urges to Angre for revealing Riddhimaa’s truth, another side, after hearing all this Vansh asks Riddhimaa about the truth.

Then She makes Vansh understand that his baby is safe in her womb and says that look into her eyes if she is telling a lie. He asks that again she is making a new story, she justifies herself by saying that she was helpless but making any false story. Then says that they are just doing and creating such stuff so that, they can raise their question on her pregnancy. Then says that she was waiting for his arrival because someone gave money to Chanchal for spying on Riddhima, but Vansh still, asking her the truth.

Then Riddhimaa unleashes that it’s directly connected with Contract Killer Sara and says that she wants to meet him, so that, she can clear his all doubts. Another side, Sara is finding her medicines extempore Riddhimaa arrives and gives her medicines. Meanwhile, says that she thought to reveal her part ahead of Vansh because she can not take it more. So many interesting and effusive twists are waiting for you so do not miss to watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more updates connect with us.


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