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Check Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Latest 19th June 2021 Today’s Written Episode: Vyom Exposes Riddhima


The coming episode of Ishq Mai Marjawan 2 Begins where Riddhima asks Siya what did doctor said about the baby, Siya replies that he is just a normal doctor and he did not check the baby. Then She goes from there and meanwhile, Riddhima starts crying and tears the paper and she trashes a letter and goes. In meantime, Vyom plays the Trumpets and Siya calls him but he rebukes her while answering. Then Riddhima gets a letter and turned nervous and fainted as well on the surface.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Latest 19th June 2021 Today's Written Episode: Vyom Exposes Riddhima

Then Riddhima gets her senses back and Angre offers her food but she refuses to eat and meanwhile, he tries to convince her by saying that she should eat for the sack of baby. Then she sits to eat and meanwhile, Angre answers a call where he mentions a date, and to hear that Riddhima recalls when she lost someone on this date. Angre asks about whom she is talking about and advises by saying that she can share everything with Vansh regarding this. Later she goes towards the grave and says that if Vansh gets to know about it, so he will never forgive her.

After that, she comes back and rolls over her stomach, and confesses her love for the baby, and says that it’s been 3 months and there is a lack of possibilities that Vansh will understand whatever she has done or not. Another side, Vyom reads a letter and recalls Siya’s wording when she said that she is not carrying any baby into her womb. But she unleashed everything in front of him by saying that if she did not fain so her truth will definitely come ahead of Vansh. Then Vyom comes to Riddhima and says that they both are similar somewhere because both have lost their baby.

Then she says that just stop it right now because her baby is still alive in her womb, and meanwhile, Vyom says that whose Grave was she crying. Then shows her evidence in a short letter and says that why she did this and what is the reason behind this, in short, he asks her justification. Then he says that he thought that Vansh is too clever in his family but he was wrong because Riddhima is literally two-step ahead of him. Then says that he will reveal her secret in front of Vansh and he will leave her them for sure.

The Riddhimaa says that there is no need to be happy more because she trusts Vansh that he will definitely understand her. Meanwhile, advises him to go away from her life and Vyom says that Vansh will never ever understand this. Angre also gets to know about her betrayal and says that why she did this with them, and meanwhile, she recalls Vyom’s words and starts crying. Then Angre says that he went to find her but she was not in her room hence he came here, so do not miss streaming it on Colors 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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