Home Entertainment Check Molkki Latest Written Episode Update 26th July 2021 & Today’s Spoilers

Check Molkki Latest Written Episode Update 26th July 2021 & Today’s Spoilers


The latest episode of Molkki starts with Purvi. She tells the kids that she is trying to calm Babbar Sher. She asks them if they know what are they supposed to do if she fails to pacify him. The kids nod. Virender sees Purvi and asks what is the purpose of her being here at this time. She shows him the Halwa and tells him that she specially brought this for him. Purvi adds that she has heard eating sweet dishes can lessen the bitterness one has inside them. Virender bluntly refuses and asks Purvi to go away.

Check Molkki Latest Written Episode Update 26th July 2021 & Today's Spoilers

Purvi doesn’t give up and tries to forcefully feed Halwa to Virender. The latter doesn’t give her much response. Though Purvi doesn’t stop and continues to feed him. Virender loses his calm and angrily pushes her aside. He tells her to just leave as he doesn’t want to eat anything. Manas and Juhi hear the conversation and look at each other. They both run to the room. Virender smiles and welcomes them. The kids pretend to look sad. Virender asks them the reason. They tell him that they are sad as he shouted at Purvi.

The kids tell Virender that Purvi might leave again if he continued to treat her bad. Virender apologizes to them. Juhi asks Virender not to fool her as she knows he is upset with her since she didn’t even hug her. Virender smiles and says that not hugging someone doesn’t mean that they have angry with them. The kids don’t believe his words and ask him to prove if he is not upset with Purvi. At first, Virender tries to distract them but the kids continue to cry. Virender asks Purvi to come closer and then hugs her. The kids began to jump in excitement.

Virender tells Purvi that she shouldn’t have included kids in their fight and he is only hugging her because of them. He tells her that he will punish her later. Purvi doesn’t mind the words and hugs Virenedr even tighter. On another side, Prakashi and Anjai make some preparations. Later, Veer comes there. Prakashi asks everyone to make sure that the rituals are done right. Veer assures her that he will handle everything. To know further the story of Molkki, watch the serial on Colors and anytime on Voot. Follow Social Telecast for more such latest exclusive written updates of the serial.


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