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Check Never Have I Ever season 3 All Episode Review Ratings


Finally, the makers of “Never Have I Ever season 3” have dropped episode 3 on Netflix and the series is living up to the expectation of everyone, especially those, who were impatiently waiting to watch the series. Yes, you heard right, it has taken place on Friday, 12th August 2022 officially, and provides the best storyline to everyone. But as everyone knows that sometimes a few actions go out of the mind of streamers, and therefore, later they searches for the elaboration of the series. Something similar happened this time too, as uncounted searches are spotted on the series, below you could get everything you need to know.

Never Have I Ever season 3 episode 7

As per the exclusive reports, the story of the “Never Have I Ever season 3 episode 3” caught the heat from the same spot where the last was ended, as the confusion had remained between the admirers because of Devi’s growing jealousy factor from Paxton and Haley’s alliance as they both came together while Annesa and Fabiola started with the passionate kiss, that left both of the two confused. This is the reason, things turned interesting as the makers unveiled the further story through episode 3, while clearing the difference between them because it is Valentine’s day.

Recap of “Never Have I Ever season 3 episode 3”

But now, this Valentine’s Day is proving overwhelming for Devi as she finally has her boyfriend or better-called her dream-boy “Paxton”, now the question is whether he was reunited with Haley in the 2 episodes, and now appears with Devi. So everything got overturned by the matchmaking game which provided the girls to all these boys as Fabiola got Pierce Brosnan Eleanor gets Trent and Paxto gets Devi as he tells her. But the twist arrives when the plan of having dinner at Valentine’s party gets messed up, as clashes and other problematic angles take place while giving it a different face.

Initially, Paxton handles everything while arranging the fancy meal for Devi and talks nicely to her while expressing his deep feelings. But spontaneously things turn worse when she comes to know that he lied to her, as she was not his match, as he got Haley and this is the reason, her insecurities climb one more step. But she does not say anything then and therefore, she decides to do something at the time of approving herself better than Haley. In short, she thinks to get Paxton forever while proving his correct as he chose her over Haley.


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