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Check Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 1st July 2021 Today’s Episode Full Written Update


The latest episode begins with, all the ladies sitting in the garden to know or better say to listen to the importance of Seal (Vrat, Fast). Meanwhile, Ahilya raises a question and asks Pujari that if this is fast is as sacred that it can make our husbands live longer so why don’t they keep a fast for us because we need them in our life so they also need us in their life so don’t you think Pujari Ji that they should also do the same. Pujari Smiles, meanwhile, Gautama says her to keep quiet, she says Pujari that she is a kid. Pujari says “yes, I know but her questions are good”. Gautama says her not to ask anything and sit silent.

Check Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 1st July 2021 Today's Episode Full Written Update

Pujari further says that Ahilya’s questions are valid in spite of being a kid she is asking the right thing and she should get the reply of what she has been asked. He says that your husbands do not keep the lent but they appreciate this for you and it shows your love. Though this is another thing that this is not the only way to show your love towards your husband but they go out and they fight and do so many things and keeping a lent means that you are praying to God with purity and it leads your love towards your husband.

Ahilya smiles, Darshna Bai thinks why this little girl is getting everyone’s support and everyone listens to her. Pujari leaves after completing the story and the rituals, Gautama says to Ahilya that she speaks too much that she should not do and asks such questions to the person who is specially invited for the occasion. Darshana Bai tells Gautama Bai that there is something that has been done by Ahilya and she should be punished for that. Everyone there thinks what she has done now? Gautama asks her while she says that her personal slave will tell you. She asks her, then she tells that Ahilya made fun of me that she should not and she should give me some respect as she is elder than her.

Ahilya tries to say something to defend herself but Darshana Bai scolds her and says not to speak a single word in this. She blames that Ahilya said Yamuna Bai a thief. Ahilya starts crying and apologizes in front of everyone. Ahilya says that whatever has done by her was just unknowingly but these are just fake blames Darshana is putting on her, She screams at her saying what does she mean, is she lying and why does she will lie and put blames on her. The episode ends here, stay connected to read more latest updates.


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