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Check (SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2021 Written Episode: Aarav & Simar Get Closer


Till now you have watched that Vivaan tries to be in bed with Reema but she denies saying that she has tied the knot with him but their families are not happy and she can’t do something before their acceptance, Vivaan says to her that everyone will accept their relation soon, she replies that if they will accept their relationship so there is nothing to be worried she will do whatever he wants but after their family accepts their wedding.

Check (SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2021 Written Episode: Aarav & Simar Get Closer

Now in tonight’s episode, you will watch, Simar thinking about Reema as she has confessed her feelings for Aarav, she takes her diary and writes that she does not want Aarav as her life partner forcefully but she just wants to be his best friend whom she just can’t even think to leave. Meanwhile, Aarav comes and asks her if she is well or not and ready for the song recording. She looks at him, he says to her that tomorrow is a very special and big day so he wants her to be happy and with him. On the other side in Vivaan’s room, he asks Reema for a little nuptial night where Reema denies him to touch her as their wedding is still not accepted by their family, Vivaan hits his bed angrily, but Reema gets happy being married to Oswal’s family.

There, Aarav takes Simar to the kitchen and tells her that he is a good chef and today he will make two cups of coffee one for him and another for Simar, he looks around in the kitchen to get the coffee powder but he takes something else instead of coffee. Simar helps him and gets coffee powder for him. He then says her to stand a step away until he prepares the coffee for her, she smiles. He takes buttermilk instead of milk, Simar laughs at him saying that we drink a coffee that is made with milk, not with butter milk. He replies that in America people take coffee of butter milk instead of real milk. Simar laughs at his silly excuse, she says him to stand away and let her prepare the coffee for them saying there are some things that a woman has to do for her husband, both of them look at each other and get silent.

Simar gets the coffee for both, she praises herself for the coffee while Aarav laughs at her, she starts to sing but he stops her, both take coffee, Simar tells him that she is not ready yet for the recording, he praises her saying that there is nothing difficult in that, he helps her in rehearsal, she sings while Aarav keeps looking at her. Both are coming close to each other, the episode ends with some more drama so don’t forget to watch the interesting episode tonight at 6:30 PM.


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