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Check Today’s Sanjog Written Update 29th August 2022 Episode


In the latest episode of Sanjog, we watched that Rajeev is telling Amrita that he doesn’t feel the same for her now. He further says that he needs freedom from her. Everyone is listening to Rajeev and is stunned to hear her words. Amrita is taken aback by Rajeev’s words and gets scared she says that she can correct her mistake but Rajeev isn’t ready to listen to her and says this is the end of our relationship. Rajeev then asks her for a divorce. Get more information on Sanjog’s 29th August 2022 written update.

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As we mentioned that Rajeev asks for a divorce, Amrita and everyone get aghast. Rajeev leaves from there and Amrita runs behind him. Lakshita was in the car and enters the house with her another trick. Amrita there is crying badly and asks Rajeev to at least mention her mistake but Rajeev says that he isn’t punishing he just wants to get rid of her wish of having a child. Alok comes there and asks Rajeev to listen to her at once. Alok further asks if something wrong happened in the past few days. Rajeev says that he was trying to save this relationship but it is all about a baby.

Amrita replies to Rajeev’s words that if he doesn’t want a child she won’t even pray for it. She further asks what happened to him all of the sudden. Rajeev says that it is too late for that and he can’t be with her now and he only wants a divorce from her. Alok again tries to stop him and Amrita gets stunned seeing his flipped behaviour and faints. Rajeev and Lokesh rushed to her Rajeev holds her hand and requested to open her eyes.

Rajeev and Alok took her to the hospital, Rajeev pick her up in his arms and put her in Alok’s car. Lakshita is seeing everything from there. Gopal, Gauri and her family are escaping away from the gang but Gauri also lost her consciousness. Gopal gets tensed seeing Gauri fainted. Gopal and Gauri hide in the bushes and manage to escape from the goons.

Rajeev and Alok bring Amrita to the hospital and the doctor started analyzing her. Alok gets furious and says if anything happens to his sister he won’t spare Rajeev. Gopal also brings Gauri to the clicinc. Tune in to Zee TV and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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