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Check Tujhse Hai Raabta Today’s 9th June 2021 Written Update: Anupriya Loses Her Memory


The upcoming episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta will begin where Kalyani takes Anupriya on the wooden wheeler, and meanwhile, she realizes that she will have to put off her heals so that, she can boost up the speed. But a wheel bumps with a massive stone and she gets misbalances but spontaneously handles her and brings her to the hospital. After a while, Malhaar comes there and suddenly she gets unconscious in his arms due to weakness. Asawari eats an apple while laying on the couch and looks at Moksh and Gungun.

Check Tujhse Hai Raabta Today's 9th June 2021 Written Update: Anupriya Loses Her Memory

Then she calls them to come close to her and starts taunting them regarding their mother, and they get angry and push her. Another side, Kalyani is sleeping on the bed along with Malhaar, then she gets awake and calls her mother and Malhaar tries to console her because surgery still going on. Then Malhaar goes from there because he wants to be with Anupriya, meantime she gets a call from Moksh and he informs her that Asawari is following them. After hearing this, Kalyani gets worried about them and goes to save them.

After that, Moksh and Gungun start teasing her while running and throws a color bucket on her, and rushes om there. But in the end, Asawari catches them and tries to beat them with a stick but spontaneously Kalyani comes to save them. Meanwhile, Asawari gives a justification that her children are bothering her a lot and crossing their limits which is unbearable. Then Kalyani hugs them to make them comfortable but they complain that they will never ever like Asawari but Kalyani makes them understand that it is not nice.

Then Kalyani lights up a lamp in front of God Ganesha and prays to give some intelligence to Moksh and Gungun. Then Anupriya gets her senses back and wonders that unless she is there she will do such things to create troubles in their life, which is inappropriate. Then she pours water into the lamp and makes it a lamp extinguisher and Kalyani gets afraid to see that. Meanwhile, Sarthak and Malhaar come there and Kalyani asks them about Anupriya’s condition but they do not tell her anything and she goes to the hospital.

Then Kalyani reaches the hospital and saves her while hugging Malhaar sees it is a doll and asks them to go from there. Then Doctor informs them that Anupriya needs treatment that will help her to recover as soon as possible. Then Sarthak also arrives and agrees with Doctor and meanwhile Moksh and Gungun hug Anupriya. But she pushes them away to her and later Sarthak says to Kalyani that it’s better if she stays in the hospital. So do not miss to watch it on ZeeTV at 08:30 PM and for further information connect with us.


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